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Crane Modernizations and Upgrades

The lifespan of an overhead crane can be extended and made more productive with modern, more efficient hoists and drives, updates to electrification systems, and/or drive control packages including state-of-the-art variable frequency control.

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Benefits of Crane Modernization

  • New Speed and motion controls
  • Cab to pendant conversions
  • Radio and infrared remote controls
  • Improve electrification systems
  • Save money in operating costs
  • Typical modernization programs cost a fraction of new crane systems

Variable Frequency Drives

When used on bridge, trolley or hoist applications, VFD’s offer smooth, ramped acceleration and deceleration. This enables motors to run cooler, allows for greater equipment control, increases load spotting benefits, and ensures a soft starting and stopping of the equipment. A VFD also increases the life of the brakes for the traversing direction of the crane - the VFD stops the motor and uses the brakes as parking brakes instead of stopping brakes.

Electrification Systems

Upgraded electrical systems and new components will function better and minimize potential downtime. Whether it’s new speed and motion controls or cab to pendent conversions, Wazee can modernize your crane for a fraction of the cost of a new system. Additionally, we can install wireless remotes for easy crane operation.

Efficient Hoists and Drives

Growing cost of energy calls for power saving at each possible step of manufacturing. Efficient hoist and drive systems consume less electricity and utilize the best possible technology achieving the highest possible efficiency values.