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Engineered Overhead Bridge Cranes

Choose a Premium Overhead Bridge Crane for Safety and Durability

At Wazee Crane, our goal is to create the most reliable cranes in industry today. Our expert in-house engineers design our products from start to finish, and then conduct robust testing protocols before they are shipped for installation. We developed these standard operating procedures in order to provide a highly customized and cost effective solution for our customers’ crane needs. Whether your crane is light-duty, heavy-duty or a large capacity bridge crane, Wazee has the expertise to ensure successful and long-lasting operation.

Our state-of-the-art technology and design programs, combined with nearly a century of experience, make us the perfect choice to supply durable bridge cranes that will keep your crew safe as safe as possible on the job.

Bridge Cranes

We strive to produce the safest products for our customers. These include cranes with up to 120-ton capabilities and more than 100-foot spans. We maintain compliance with CMAA, ASME, NEC, OSHA, MSHA and ANSI and other federal and state regulations and our fabricators and AWS certified welders work in-house.

Our cranes are backed by advanced technologies in manufacturing and the highest industry safety standards. With a large selection of major component manufacturers to choose from, we are able to select the right components for each application.

Remember, for each bridge crane Wazee builds, we take the time to conduct operational tests and alignment before packaging for shipment to our customers. For more information on our unique engineering process, please call us at 303-623-1736 or toll free at 800-624-1736.


Although they may seem relatively insubstantial against the bulk of a crane, hoists play a vital role in crane operation. At Wazee, we offer a complete line of hoists, including electric, manual, wire rope, chain, and lever-type.

As bridge crane manufacturers, Wazee knows that you count on reliable brands for your bridge cranes and hoists. This is one reason that we feature brands like Yale/Shaw Box, R&M, Ace, Coffing and CM to meet your demands for products that last.

Our brand partners also appreciate our in-house engineering ability because it means we can easily share plans and calculations with them via email. What does this mean for you? It means a higher quality product and the lowest possible cost.